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Prepare a webpage of at least 6 links to help pupils who are studying The Tempest and have to do these assignments. Describe what one can find on each of the six sites.

The following are links to various sites that will provide you with very helpful information about The Tempest or William Shakespeare.

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare This site offers most of Shakespeare's writings in full context. This site can be usefull to compare and contrast Shakespeare's different writing styles and different genres of writing.
Sparknotes This site offers an abundance of information on The Tempest, including Context, Plot Overview, Character List, Analysis of Major Characters, Themes, Motifs & Symbols, notes on each and every scene, key facts, study questions, and suggestions for further reading.
Pink Monkey This site offers information on the setting, characters, conflict, plot, themes, mood, background info, literary/historical info, all scenes, study questions, and a message board.
Classic Notes This site includes information about William Shakespeare, Shakespearean Theater, characters, an entire summary and analysis, summary and analasis for all 5 acts, links, and a message board.
All Shakespeare This site has very in-depth descriptions of various elements of The Tempest. The site provides the text of the play, summaries, criticism, selected quotes, character analysis, and images.
Theatre History This site provides a lot of information on The Tempest, but not in a manner of organization like the other sites have. Through out the reading, the site has analizes the entire play and character list.

The webmaster of this page is in no way affiliated with the companies and sites listed above. This page was strictly constructed for the reason of spreading information about William Shakespeare's play The Tempest.