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Organizations changing the problems:

Although pollution is an ongoing problem in our environment, there are several organizations that are trying to help. All over the world people are trying to undo some of the damage they have made to our water supply. In Washington State, federal agencies are putting unemployed loggers to work helping to restore streams that were damaged by logging. In California, a wetland was placed on one oil refinery's company grounds where it now helps clean more than half the refinery's wastewater. One man named David Rosgen teaches technical courses in Colorado on stream classification, protection, and restoration. There are many concerned people all around the world fighting for laws to be passed that would help to deter people from polluting the water supply. It is difficult to catch the people who are causing the damage. The world would need an entire force of "water police". Every bit of help that people are putting into this effort to improve the quality of our water supply is greatly needed and appreciated. More people should become aware of organizations in their community that they can be a part of.

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