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A Summary of the Holocaust

To truly understand about the horror of the concentration camps, it is necessary to know about the Holocaust and the events leading up to it. Since the Holocaust is a long and detailed event, that I could not cover in one page, I will provide a basic backround. The Holocaust was a tragic event in history. Over 11 million lives were lost because of cruel racial prejudice. During world war two, the Nazi party, led by Adolf Hitler, encouraged prejudice against Jews and other “undesirables”, or those not of the “Aryan” race. The Nazis developed “The Final Solution”, a plan to get rid of all the Jews. They decided the most efficient way of doing this was to set up camps to exterminate them so they would not pass on their genes and disrupt the Nazis’ quest for the perfect race. The Nazis also set up ghettos, where Jews would live in the most horrible conditions. Jewish children soon could not go to schools with the other German children. Jewish businesses were forced to close, Jewish temples were burned and vandalized. Though the Nazis did not achieve their goal, they managed to kill millions of Jews and others in a display of cruel, sadistic, inhumane acts.