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Campbell University Students For Bush
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Statement of Purpose

Due to the campaign finance laws enacted by Washington, the College Republicans cannot play as active a role in the campaign to reelect President Bush as many would like. Due to this, Students for Bush has sprung up around several college campuses in North Carolina with the express purpose to campaign for President Bush's reelection. As president of this organization, I call upon all those who desire to continue this administration's conservative social, economic, and foreign policy stances to support our initiatives on and off campus. This movement is more than just a political movement. It is one where all conservatives and those who seek to preserve the foundations of America we have always known and loved unite against those who would surrender our foreign policy to the whims of the United Nations and our domestic scene to those who seek to dismantle age old traditional pillars of our nation. We will fight to keep America under the leadership of the man who emphasizes our independence, rebut the Left's attacks with truth, and promote the conservative grassroots movement in its efforts to combat the liberal assault on our culture. Here's to four more years with President Bush, and may God bless America.

Carlton Huffman
President, Campbell University Students For Bush