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Campbell University Students For Bush
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The Real John Kerry

As of late, the American Left has brought forth questions about President George W. Bush’s credibility. It is interesting, however, that they have been virtually silent when it comes to the credibility of their own nominee, John F. Kerry.

Liberals charge that our commander-in-chief is a deserter and was A.W.O.L. from his duties in the National Guard during the period of May 1972 to May 1973. There is no substantive evidence for this allegation. In fact, the evidence shows that President Bush did serve during that period. In November 2003, the New York Times reported that a document in President Bush’s own military records showed that in 1972 he received credit for service ending on November 29 and December14. These records also show that President Bush served during January, April, and May of 1973. Furthermore, President Bush was honorably discharged afterward. According to the military, President Bush is not a deserter and was not A.W.O.L.

However, the same cannot be said of John Kerry. John Kerry has been A.W.O.L. from his duties as a United States Senator. In 2003, John Kerry missed 292 (64%) of the votes in the Senate. This year, he missed all 22 of the first votes in the Senate; however, he has not missed receiving his $158,000 salary. At the expense of American taxpayers, John Kerry has been paid for neglecting the duties of his office.

John Kerry has also been A.W.O.L. in the area of national defense and intelligence. He has voted against higher military pay and billions of dollars for military family housing several times. John Kerry has voted against weapons and defense systems, many of which have played a vital role in U.S. military operations over the years, including: the B-2 Stealth Bomber, Patriot Missile, Trident Missile System, M-1 Abrams Tank, and the Tomahawk Cruise Missile. The list goes on and on.

Many liberals have also voiced concerns over intelligence failures prior to 9/11. How would have our intelligence community fared under John Kerry’s leadership? We will let you decide. During his illustrious career as a Senator, John Kerry has voted numerous times to cut billions of dollars from the overall intelligence community, which would have drastically decreased the C.I.A., the F.B.I., and the military’s ability to conduct efficient and effective operations. It is time for America to begin to take a very close look at the facts about John F. Kerry.

Alexander Doran
Director of Technical Support, Campbell University Students For Bush