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Agreement between Consumer Loyalty and Incentive Program, hereafter known as CLIP, and __________________________________________________, hereafter known as VENDOR.

VENDOR agrees to:

  • honor the CLIP card from CLIP members with promised incentive/reward
  • refuse CLIP card that is expired
  • train employees to do the same
  • have business/company name, information, and incentive displayed on CLIP website
  • prominently display “CLIP card honored here” sign, if received
  • notify CLIP of change of information with two weeks notice
  • give 2 weeks notice to terminate agreement
VENDOR understands
  • reward/incentive can be changed at any time with 2 weeks notice
  • CLIP can be contacted at
  • if CLIP receives 2 or more complaints, VENDOR’s participation in CLIP will be terminated
  • if VENDOR’s participation is terminated, it may be reinstated after 6 months with request from VENDOR
  • no promise of increased customers has been made
  • CLIP is not responsible for the actions of its members
  • there are no agreements, promises, or understandings between the parties except as specifically set forth in this agreement. No alterations or changes shall be made to this agreement unless the same are in writing
  • when VENDOR signs this agreement, s/he acknowledges s/he has read and agrees to the provisions of this agreement
  • this Agreement contains the entire agreement of the parties and there are no representations, inducements or other provisions other than those expressed in writing
  • This agreement stays in effect unless terminated by either VENDOR or CLIP in writing with 2 weeks notice

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