Camp Johnson Young Marines
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Camp Johnson
Young Marines
1st Battalion, 1st NC Regiment, 3rd YM Division

We are the Camp Johnson Young Marines. We meet Mondays from 6:00 pm until 8:30 p.m We are located aboard Camp Johnson in Jacksonville, NC. Our phone number is 910 450-0056. We have five active duty Marines, two retirees and several spouses/parents on our staff. We are part of the National Young Marines program, which has more than three hundred units nationwide. There are approximately fifty children, ranging in age from 8-16 years old in our unit.
The Young Marines is a youth organization that promotes citizenship through instilling leadership and discipline by teaching basic Marine corps related subjects to include close order drill, leadership principles, uniform regulations, military history, first aid, etc. Additionally the Young Marines participate in community service functions to include local parades, memorial services, environmental projects, to name just a few.
The Young Marines also hold Battalion level events to include encampments (camping) during which we teach topics such as CPR, first aid, land navigation and field sanitation. The Young Marines is a team-building unit. We teach the children to recognize and respect the authority of "senior" Young Marines and Adult staff Members.
Please take the time to give us some feedback via e-mail, Commanding Officer , or call us at home, 910 219-9674 or 910 347-2944 or work, 910 451-2263. You are more than welcome to come out to a meeting on any Monday night to observe the program. Please call and let us know if you are interested in observing and we will give you directions.

Semper Fidelis
SgtMaj Cliff Hill, USMC (Ret)
Commanding Officer


"Strengthening the Lives of America's Youth"



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