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Center of Mass Problems:

Now that you have read the section on center of mass and examined some sample problems, try some of the following problems below. As with every other section, to guess an answer, simply click on the text that says guess answer then type the number you believe to be the answer in the block that will pop up. Pay attention to significant figures as if they are not correct, the answer will be wrong. Also make sure you include the units of your answer. To see the solution for a problem, click on show solution and you will be taken to the solution.

Problem 1:

A beam has a length of 7.8 m and a mass of 44 g that acts at its center. A mass of 200 g like the one in the above diagram is added. Where is the new CM of the system located?

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Now that you have completed all of my center of mass problems, be sure to head back to my main page and check out my other sections. There are not many possible variation for CM problems, which is why I have so little of them here. For more practice, you should see your text books.