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Poetry Corner


The words of spirit filled poets

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How can I?

Why am I Here?

Can I marry you?

What do you want from me?

Dying to live.

One nation under God

God, Why me?

I am, Who I am

As I lay me downÖ

Spiritual Strength



How can I achieve

How will I succeed

How will I survive

How can I believe

That in this world I will ever get ahead

When the roads paved with people like you

With thick heads

They can see me coming

Because I dare not disguise

I have nothing to be afraid of

Theyíre afraid of their own lies

You created what you fear

You kept us down for too long

Now we wish to rise

So you put your hoods on

Why do you hide from your own creation

Where the children of your America, whether Jamaican or Haitian

Where not Negroes, Hispanics, or any minority

Where American just like you

So let me peruse my freedom and glory


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What is my reason for being here

What is my place in this world

Do I have a place in this world

Am I really here

Or am I the inspiration of a great imagination

What if my place is in line

Not veering from the norm

Not striving to be unique

Not wanting to be different

Living in a world of critique

Without any choice or opinion

If my place in this world

Is to stand in line

And to conform to uniform

Than Iíd rather be lost

Because a world of freedom

And a world of prosperity

Is better than a place

Of civil and individual sincerity


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Why do I feel like I could marry you today

When I know I donít have the means or the way

I donít have the money to support a family

But I cant help wanting to be with you forever

Maybe my thoughts are premature

I may even be in a rush to grow old

Or I might be the one with the true understanding

Of what marriage is, without society putting its hands in

I believe that when two souls come together to where God has led them

Then they fall deep in love and begin to think of a family

Then they commit themselves with a mutual understanding

They grow with each other through faith and prosperity

Marriage isnít a bond that bridges you together

Your faith is what keeps a hold on the commitment forever

A marriage is just a promise

To be together forever

With no conditions

No matter the distance, the health, or the finances

A marriage doesnít cost, the commitment doesnít cost

The wedding costs and you have to pay to live

But I have to live, and the wedding can wait

The commitment doesnít have too


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What is it that you want from me

What is the bid that you wish for me to do

Why donít you just show me what I am here to do

Where shall I look to see the messages that you send

When will I see the purpose of all my tribulations

When will I understand what Iíve been through

And the test and trials I have taken

With the way youíve shaped my life to be

I know my purpose has to be a great one

But when will the realization come to me

Youíve made me great at so many things

Does my duty involve all of them

Am I am prophet, a poet, a teacher, a preacher, a father

A husband or a new generations leader

Show me dear God what you plan for me to be

Iím not rushing to my destiny

I just want to be what you need

And allow you to use me

To bring you a new kind of sheep



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Dying to live

You can see me gasping for air

Choking on the reality of freedom

That is so tainted I canít force myself to swallow

Dying to live

As I speed down crowded highways

Pushing to my next destination

Fearing death at every turn

I canít afford to act with hesitation

Dying to live

Because the reality of life

Has slowly began to die in my spirit

Being discriminated against

Profiled, and stereotyped

You have robbed me off my individuality

And killed my dreams

Only those who have been allowed to live life

Can look forward to death

Living to die

While the rest of us

Are dying to live


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One nation under God

Personally, I would like to be behind God

Protected from bullets and anthrax

Bomb threats and Billy club whacks

Hate groups hell bent on genocide

Or a group of niggas in a car ready to do a drive by

I feel safer in the projects

Than in my fathers $400,000 house

Because society makes me feel like that is where I belong

No matter what I were, or what I drive

I am still a nigga in the eyes of those who fear me

Wherever I go I am reminded of my distinction

My skin pigmentation that they wouldnít dare to mention

I am black no matter what my credentials

And you wonder why I act so different


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I can see it in her eyes

She thinks you sent her to me

She seeís something in my eyes

God what is it she seeís

I know not what Iím here for

Iím just living on a whim

A whisper from above

Telling me to go where Iíve been

But Iím still confused within

Lord what is this power

This sensation inside of me

That is beginning to devour

Itís consuming me whole

Spiritually coating my soul

With the crest of a priesthood

And a ministers robe

Behind the veil of my eyes

To me itís still a mystery

But I can feel her spirit calling

She has the key to my prosperity

God this is scaring me

Why can I feel her spirit cry

Why can I see her soul through her eyes

And know how she feels inside

All of these things forced in my mind

I canít control all of these visions

All these thoughts about heart

And escape from emotional prison

Lord you work with such precision

But I am imperfect by your will

I know you showed me for a reason

But give me wisdom so I can heal


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God Why am I

The way I am

I see these things

Like no other man

A new way to live

A new way to understand

I covet these gifts

Keep them as secrets in my hand

Covet them earnestly

Was my Godís command

I do not speak in tongues

It was not in Godís plan

Corinthians 12, 13

Explains the gifts of Godís man

He that prophesies is edifying

The church of the land

If you speak tongues

God said speak to him

If no man interprets

You speak but no one hears

Donít take offense to my words

The bible isnít traditional

God called it the living word

Because we live in the world

When I read I interpret

From what Iíve seen in this world

You canít see what I see

Behind the veil of my eyes

Our spirits are unique

But in Christ we combine

No on in front or behind

The spirit is upon Jesus

Were just standing in line

It is he who is anointed

To preach to the poor

It is he whoís appointed

To heal and prevent wars

It is he who brings life

And gives sight to the captives

Jesus Christ spoke these words

That makes us anointed as the pastor

Donít take offense

Read Luke the fourth Chapter

God speaks the truth

And youíll realize it after


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I bow here today

With heavy thoughts on my heart

Ready to complete now

What I was assigned from the start

God please bless me now

My life is so hard

The devils out to get me

And heís trying so hard

Iím covered with the blood

Leaving red footsteps where I walk

I cry anointed tears

And my pain is like water

It quenches the devils thirst

He loves when times get worse

Tampering with my destiny

So I cant do Godís work

Jesus please protect me

I am praying for your shield

Show me what you want from me

So to your will, Iíll yield


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I feel like breaking boulders with my bare hands.

Spiritually strengthened by the challenge of this condemned land

A paradox of paradise

People sacrifice like Jesus Christ

Crucified for wrong of right

Mental manipulation of justice

Leaves us scared of our shadows at night

The devil watching me with a hawks eye sight

Praying on my righteousness,

Cause Iím blessed with Godís light

Iím a warrior in Godís fight

Armed with an arsenal of arsonists

Pyromaniacs with bible sense

Burning up hell on a hot day

Because this battle the devil will never win

I may have been born into sin

But I know that God resides within


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