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I am, who I am



God Why am I

The way I am

I see these things

Like no other man

A new way to live

A new way to understand

I covet these gifts

Keep them as secrets in my hand

Covet them earnestly

Was my Godís command

I do not speak in tongues

It was not in Godís plan

Corinthians 12, 13

Explains the gifts of Godís man

He that prophesies is edifying

The church of the land

If you speak tongues

God said speak to him

If no man interprets

You speak but no one hears

Donít take offense to my words

The bible isnít traditional

God called it the living word

Because we live in the world

When I read I interpret

From what Iíve seen in this world

You canít see what I see

Behind the veil of my eyes

Our spirits are unique

But in Christ we combine

No on in front or behind

The spirit is upon Jesus

Were just standing in line

It is he who is anointed

To preach to the poor

It is he whoís appointed

To heal and prevent wars

It is he who brings life

And gives sight to the captives

Jesus Christ spoke these words

That makes us anointed as the pastor

Donít take offense

Read Luke the fourth Chapter

God speaks the truth

And youíll realize it after