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God ,why me?


I can see it in her eyes

She thinks you sent her to me

She seeís something in my eyes

God what is it she seeís

I know not what Iím here for

Iím just living on a whim

A whisper from above

Telling me to go where Iíve been

But Iím still confused within

Lord what is this power

This sensation inside of me

That is beginning to devour

Itís consuming me whole

Spiritually coating my soul

With the crest of a priesthood

And a ministers robe

Behind the veil of my eyes

To me itís still a mystery

But I can feel her spirit calling

She has the key to my prosperity

God this is scaring me

Why can I feel her spirit cry

Why can I see her soul through her eyes

And know how she feels inside

All of these things forced in my mind

I canít control all of these visions

All these thoughts about heart

And escape from emotional prison

Lord you work with such precision

But I am imperfect by your will

I know you showed me for a reason

But give me wisdom so I can heal