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Can I marry you?


Why do I feel like I could marry you today

When I know I donít have the means or the way

I donít have the money to support a family

But I cant help wanting to be with you forever

Maybe my thoughts are premature

I may even be in a rush to grow old

Or I might be the one with the true understanding

Of what marriage is, without society putting its hands in

I believe that when two souls come together to where God has led them

Then they fall deep in love and begin to think of a family

Then they commit themselves with a mutual understanding

They grow with each other through faith and prosperity

Marriage isnít a bond that bridges you together

Your faith is what keeps a hold on the commitment forever

A marriage is just a promise

To be together forever

With no conditions

No matter the distance, the health, or the finances

A marriage doesnít cost, the commitment doesnít cost

The wedding costs and you have to pay to live

But I have to live, and the wedding can wait

The commitment doesnít have too