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StArZ ArE LiKe ScArZ.. ThEy FaDe BuT NeVeR DiSaPpEaR...

Welcome to my site.. My Name is Terri and i am 18 and from England.. at my site you will find pictures, song lyrics, poems, things i like and many more things.. onto music.. i like alot of types of music.. some of my favourite bands are Nirvana, Silverchair, Jack Off Jill, Human Waste Project, Incubus, Kittie, Deftones, , Korn, Marilyn Manson, Michelle Branch more.. so take a look around.. and don't forget that this is my first site AND my first time using html so it's bound to be crappy! I have some obsession with Buffy the vampire slayer and angel.. i own every single video and alot of other thingz.. I LOVE IT! So yeah.. :-)
Well, if you think i sound interesting or wanna know anything about me or my site you can e-mail me or if you have AIM IM me!

Whats new!?!?

Hey Peepz! How ya doing? good good here! well, i added the buffy page on the site and a few other bitz and piecez here and there.. i'm glad to see people are finally starting to write in my guestbook! I just wanna do shoutoutz to a few of my people out there... AdAm ~ JaYsiN ~ BrAnDi ~ MaGGiE ~ MaNdA ~ AmBeR ~ MaRc ~ RiCh ~ DaVe ~ RaChEl ~ LyAnNe ~ SaM ~ KeLLy ~ HeiDi ~ AsHLeE ~ JuLiA ~ BeN and therez more i forgot... BUT I LOVE YOU ALL!!

Anywayz.. if you wanna contact me, don't hesitate too okayz?? xMissNirvana420x on AIM... on Msn and death_kiss_vampyress on yahoo... alright thanx and thanx for all u people who visit back here regular!! keep signing my guest book okayz?? Alrightz... buh bii ~*TeRRi*~

I'm the bomb