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This LA pom-pom shaker, Prom Princess and Fiesta Queen was born in 1981 to Hank and Joyce Summers. Growing up, the young Slayer-to-be was said to be as close as blood sisters with Celia, her cousin. Unfortunately, Celia died and Buffy decided to pledge her allegiance to her childhood hero, bladestress Dorothy Hamil. In 1996, the Buffster was introduced to Merrick, a peculiar man who informed her that she was the latest entry into a legacy of chosen individuals-Vampire Slayers. He was a Watcher, a keeper if you will, of the chosen Slayer. Who could ever have imagined a high maintenance mall rat could move on to eventually save the world on several occasions? Well, no one at her City of Angels high school could, because she torched the gym in her first major victory against the bloodsuckers. Thank goodness that our heroine somehow managed to avoid juvy or any kind of lengthy court case. Unfortunately for Buff, her parents decided to divorce after the horrible chain of events. An entirely new chapter in the Slayer's life opened when her mom decided to make a move to beautiful Sunnydale, CA. To her surprise, her slaying days had just begun in 1997 when she found out, from her new Watcher Giles, that Sunnydale was actually located on top of Hellmouth, a portal to an evil dimension. Who would have thought that your duties of being a Chosen One wouldn't just go away when you moved? Don't parking tickets just go away? Buffy has had quite a traumatic five years. As if it's not bad enough being a high school kid and now a college kid, she has been killed before by a vampire named The Master, she has lost the love of her life, Angel, found out that she had a sister that didn't exist before and most recently, lost her mother to a brain tumor. With the help of Giles, her friends Willow, Xander, Spike, Tara, Anya and her sister Dawn, Buffy hopes to continue to defeat vampires, demons and just about every atrocity that you can imagine. That is of course, if she can find a way not to be so·well·dead.