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We are building a family website and you will be in it.....come back soon

Harley is our very big (as in large) Great Pyreenees dog. Our other Pyrenee Bear had to be put to sleep because of illness and we got Harley. He was a puppy. Now he is 7 years old and is a big boy. We just got 2 new pound puppies

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A Christmas Carol for You. Download this to your computer and play it. Try not to die of laughter.
Lake Wylie
The Teemates Rich, Robbie, Bobby and Bryan
VF-11 / USS Forrestal 1965-70
My Bike Page
Photo Gallery is now working.Click here and then on the small pictures to enlarge them.

Coming Soon- My Classic Guitar Pages


Click on the Panhead to see the only REAL motorcycle

Midi's and MP3's on these pages are optimized and remixed for 128 or 256 voice (SBLive) sound cards.
If you don't have a Soundblaster 128 or 256 voice card, you don't know what you are missing till you hear one.