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Hello Everyone. This is my very first home page. So it's still a work N progress!!! So alwayz come back for Updates!

Well a little about myself. I'm can call me Yoli, I am sweet sixteen. I live in Highpoint, North Carolina. I'm a junior at HPC. Goooooo BisoN!! Class of 2001 baby!!! I plan on entering college after I graduate and probably pursing something in the law field. I stand as a midget at 5'1. I am white, spanish, black and cherokee indian. So I have lot of cultural background in me. :)

Some of my interests and hobbies are Shopping my aZZ off, talking on the telephone, playing Soccer, tennis, swimming, Mt. climbing. I love outdoor stuff. I love to go out cruzin', the movies, dancing, clubbing, partying, or just chillin' out with mis amigos.

Oh I would like 2 give sum shoutz 2 my best friend LINDA, saibaidee eeh kow..hehe. Mi Mijo RICARDO, I love you Sweetheart! :)~ JIMMY(Yimbo)...come see me soon Please :) We all miss you down here. XIOMARA...mah boricua hermana , luvs ya. DEIDRA...Hope your taking care of "the artist"haha. Your cool pero crazy gurl, pero its all gewd! ya gurlie. Ms. Princess...chillz..lil alki.hehe. RIASHA my lil adopted sis. Imma still kick ya azz...So B good! My Italian homieZ...JOHN n mike..keep ya head upz JOHN..and MIKE cutie..dont Ph**k up w/ my adopted sis aiight! Hey ROY...supz pachuco...hehe. Hey you owe me my DLG, y a torta, kayz! :) ShoutZ to Every1 representin' HPC...HOME OF DA BIG BAD BLACK BISONNN!!! Hey ApriL, Emily, Crispin(have fun back in Germany and don't forget me), Andrea, the TWINS!!!! Oh and yo another shout goes out to mah lil amigo ERIC(elmaya)..he alwayz thinking Imma forget about himz. Don't worry lil' one cuz I didn't!! :)

Oh yea shoutZ to mah AOL peeps...Carrissa...hey gurlie, are ya w/ Johnny yetz???hehe. Supz Dee..OMG gurlie where u atz???hUH? Imma report u missing soon! Emilio Hi(YOshii)..haha, XiomY, thx 4 da Polo Guy.hehe, to mah prima Nikki(Yer Bish)...gurlie stay tru n keep ya head upz..hey now u noe I'm alwayz here for you kay! Hey Brandi..howz #55 doin? and the rest of the Pricks and HoeZ at raggydale? , supz kayla, all my Bay Area peeps re%in' To anyone I may have missed..sowwie..get cha next time 'round. Peace Outz..Keep it RealZ.

Well there was a lil' sumthin sumthin about me and my life! Sign my GuestBooK, and feel free to come back anytime. If you would like to know more about me feel free to email me. Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire. Please come back and visit again!

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