I hate you... I really do...


You should all be amazed

On this day.. september.. 23rd? 2001.. I'm finally updating my site. Because I'm damned bored you worthless fuck.

Don't fucking question me.

Life sucks.. online sucks.. everything sucks.. except music.. download music.




Welcome to my pyschotic world of unhappiness and despair. If you want you can leave and go to hell like the stuck up prick that you are... Why the hell are you still reading this?! Get the fuck off my site you little pussywhipped .... Well if you're not gonna leave you might as well have some fun, maybe sign my guestbook, email me, send me porn! ...If you send me anything not female or not human, I'll tell the FBI you're a pedophille and stock your computer full of child porn....OK... stop reading this you little bitch.

Ok.. so whats the legality issue on killing your parents? What if they provoked you? Oh who cares... it'd be fun...

The good news for Ultima: Origin is that we have a lot of online experience on this team, and as a result, know a lot of potential holes that could appear in the dyke. As a result, I feel fairly comfortable both on the design side as well as on the programming side that we will prove difficult to hack. The bad news is, of course, that we are a mere 25 or so people, competing against the brainpower of a couple hundred thousand. Those are odds I don't like. Eventually, someone will find something somewhere. But we should cover most of the obvious stuff pretty well. =)

Oh my fucking god!!! Look at that!!! They said DYKE, UO2 is about Dykes!!! You've heard it here first you sons of pitches... umm... bitches... Ok that was sad but I'm bored and making fun of all of AOHells pedophilles can only get you off so far... Yes all I actually read of that quote was the first sentence when they ended with the word dyke and I have no intention of reading the rest.


:Guess who just wiped his webpage!!!

Yeah... go sign my guestbook you little pussy... If you haven't noticed I don't have one, never plan to have one, unless I get really bored sometime... Sure I might... The first little fuck that has dosen't put their email, I'm going to take your ip address and post it everywhere I can fucking find untill someone decides to molest your computer and steal your monkey porn...

Think my banners long? Go fuck yourself.

Think my website sucks? Go fuck yourself.

Think I suck? Go fuck yourself.

Thinking about fucking yourself? Aren't we all?

OH MY FUCKING GOD!!! What happened?! Everything dissapeared!? Its gone oh hopelesness and lesbians having orgies in the back of my non-existent car. Why does every girl I date end up becoming a pornstar and specializing in lesbian scenes?! WTF is that?! I'm thinking I should get a sex change so they'll go back to having sex with men so I can get another sex change and have a chance of getting laid with them.... If I was drinking coffee these insane ramblings might be more entertaining course ocffee dosen';t work for me but masturbation does, god you wish I hadn't said that because you went to a search engine and typed in lesbains and found this page and now your thinking about me wack9ing it ... you sick fuck get on my website!!!! oh yeah... you guys want all that shit I deleted? I'll archive it then... no not really I'll just post it down at the bottom so you still have to load it without a fucking thing to do about it but load it even though you've read it over 34 times... you fucming lesbians... ok who wants to fuom me....or was it fucm...

Damn I'm evil, you shall all be punished for that guy over in the corner looking at tentacle porn... Yes I never plan on updating my website, my links, my pictures, or my hate mail though you had better click the fucking pikachu and send me mail.... I'm so lonely... and I have a guest book but I never put a link up to my page.... go to http://www.angelfire.com/ny2/monk3yscrap/index.html

know whats easier than typing? copy and paste!!! WWOOOOO!!!! Good morning I 'm not going to sleep specially since I just broke my mother fucking pinky by typing this...

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09/23/01 04:55:50 PM

Legal shit..

Evil Pikachu: Copyright Evil Pikachu Inc.

Keepin' it real: Pamela Anderson

Mariah Careys Ass: Its mine damnit... to love and to hold and to fuck in any way imaginable.

Angelfire.com: Owned by a bunch of celibate Christian Rights pricks.

My pictures: Copyright of the person/s I stole it from.

People who need to be fucked... by me:Mariah Carey, Selma Hayek, those 9-10th grade girls who I really shouldn't put their names cause then they'll probally find their way here and then things'll be just really freaky around them ya know?








Yeah Bitch!


:Guess who got his fucking web page up to his liking.

Well I had a little talk with HTML and said he could go fuck himself with a vibrator I built out of Rayon, so hopefully I won't have to deal with that shit anymore.

If you don't like my font go fuck yourself. If you happen to be a hot femme, send me a pic and I'll fuck myself also:P Or we could just hook up and forget about the whole (speaking of holes...) fuck yourself thing. Hell if you can't see my font look here Font. Ha! thought I actually bothered to set up a link so you could steal this font!! NEVER!!! Though if you actaully want it, email me.

Ok I think this is all for today, I'm using some windows program to make this so its really fucking easy:P

Well lets see if I can set up a date thingie:P

Ok so that'll tell you if I update and when. I'll put it at the bottom of every update I do alright?

Allright, whos yo daddy:P Now heres where ya can actually find my new web address, www.angelfire.com/nc2/wtf/yeah.htm if you click that link you'll come right back to this page:P Yes I'm still using angelfire for my web space I'm sorry, I hate them too:P. Sooner or later I'll set it up so my computer is its own website or maybe I'll buy some '.com' address then I'll put up whatever I fucking want, like I don't already.

For those who wonder what I do in my freetime, heres my Links Page. Go down to the bottom for all my links.

Yeah I'll clean everything up so you got nice pretty images for my links. Maybe even within the next 10-20 minutes:P

1/13/2000:Ok.. me lazy, go get your own fucking images:P But I'll at least get those into nicely named links instead of www. since we all hate them:P

Hey! heres a page about.. pictures, nude, half nude, getting nude, any age (18+ not up for breaking that law:P), only thing you can't send me are.. men.. you sick fucks can go find your own website to corrupt. But for you women under 18.. can send em to me.. I don't mind:P If you're under 14 though.. get the fuck off my site.

1/14/2000:Here I'll just start dating these things... Alright.. god its early.. my school still thinks its thursday so it won't tell me if I have a delay or anything so I decided we did:P If I'm wrong I'll be an hour late, so what...

On somewhat of a different note, I do usually check the links I make to be sure they work, but if you find any that are broken or sending you to the wrong place (like you'll know:P) email me. I'll be an asshole, tell you to fuck off and stop critizing me, and fix the link as if I thought of it myself:P Then I'll add your email address to this page under my soon to be created, Send Hate Mail section.

Well that was a waste of my time... Hate school and all that you know the drill. I'll go edit my links page, give it some nice coloring or something other than that nasty red:P

Ooo Click the pikachu to send me mail! Hehe, I made a whole movie of rotating pikachus, evil pikachus, vampiric pikachus... Why you might be asking?! BECAUSE I FUCKING WANTED TO! Thats why.

Ok.. I haven't had much to update with since going to Canada, and skiing the best and largest mountain in North America... Couse I looked like a complete dipshit, being a first timer in their parks havin' no idea how the landings gonna smack me so I'm just throwing some tail grabs, iron crosses, few tip grabs. I find these people throwing 360s --little bit of info.. this is the first time I've seen a skier.. or snowboarder do that, I thought I was the first one to pull a 180, did that 3 times decided I'd work 360s and never got around to it till a week ago-- god did these things look shitty. Whoopdefuckindo, I might be able to put a banna between the ground and the bottom of their skis. I mean absolutly NO air... Still looked kinda cool.. when they fell:P Couse there was that god over in the black diamond park throwing backflip tail crosses. Damn they were sweet. So I decide to not look like a total pussy and throw a 180, smack, on the ground looking like a pussy. Of course my vaction there was great timing, Sunday before I left I broke my god damn tailbone, so I was hemped up on Tylenol. Course the snowboarders totally owned. 360-540-720-900? Hell if I know, they just kept going up, grabbing(mute, roastbeef,tail) and twirling, landing, laying down, watch their friends do it. Course the one time I went in the half-pipe I was pissed I hadn't done it more, specially now. 20ft high walls up, 180, down, repeat. Least the 30 snowboarders didn't decide I sucked ass and should be cooked down in their own little snack bar. God it was sweet... Ok thats about it cept for the cliff jumping.. knocked that tail back in its place.

Course with me you know I'm gonna be fucked. I come back. I totally own now, cept for like 3 or so other people who've been hucking since they were 5 (sorry but I got 2 full years under my belt and last year barely counts as a half). So my local area has opened their terrain park. Kick ass! I was planning on pulling a 360, maybe 540, get longer grab times, and if the conditions were right (soft) a backflip. Course someone salted a vibrator and shoved it right up my ass. Halfpipe, 6 feet high, generous. Kickers, hell they fine just theres a trough you have to be in and the landings a bitch. You got like a 1 foot wide lane to land in, then, get this, ROLLERS!, you throw your skis up for a cross toe grab, smack it down to land, and you get to grab again, then fall on your ass. Half pipe, god I'm the only person who knows what its used for... people (boarders) ride the sides of it. Takes too much effort really, and then ya gotta avoid the dirt spots. Course the benches were nice, cept don't touch them during the day, they act just like grass, SMACK!.... Ok I think everyones up to date now.. kinda. Lets do present day.

Woo, smash heel, sprain ankle. No biggie.

Tailbone... its healed dun' worry.

My 360s been going pretty good, course I'm going of the jump at a 45 degree angle, 360, landing at the same angle so its kinda been smacking back. Cussed out acouple of 10 year old snowboarders for me being in the park, damn I feel proud. Though I gotta love vactioning skiers so they can watch me in my glory. Go up, pull iron cross tail grab, land, go fakie, flip of onlookers:P They love me.

Now, I've finally found an idol, I've gone 14 years without one and lifes been shit, kinda hard to learn and imitate when you don't have a person to. Yeah I could have chosen my dad but.. hell hes a pussy, he skis like those guys from the 70s... Personally, JP Auclair kicks some ass. Throws some sweet shit and he'll be going in my pics page, a seperate skiers section, don't worry, still nude women only.. can't find many female hucksters flashin there goods over the web ya know?

On a non-effort-skiing note... Launchcast really kicks some ass! Online radio bitch. I only have 56k and streamings sweet. Got me hooked on Lords of Acid now. (Heard I Sit On Acid?.. Daddy come here, fuck me up the ...-kicks in with the music-)

Tell ya the truth I'll upload pictures, hate mail addresses, and links tomorrow.

Cya my bitches and keep it real!

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09/23/01 04:55:50 PM

Legal shit.

J.P. Auclair: Copyright of J.P. Auclair.

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Keepin' it real: Pamela Anderson

Mariah Careys Ass: Its mine damnit... to love and to hold and to fuck in any way imaginable.

Angelfire.com: Owned by a bunch of celibate Christian Rights pricks.

My pictures: Copyright of the person I stole it from. Freeskier, Skiing, Powder, Playboy.

People who need to be fucked... by me:Mariah Carey, Selma Hayek, those 9-10th grade girls who I really shouldn't put their names cause then they'll probally find their way here and then things'll be just really freaky around them ya know?


Everything above is opinion and opinion only, or maybe comedy done badly or in bad taste. Don't sue my ass, please. Its all in good fun and nothing meant to be taken as slander, libel, or humorous.. umm... highlight... humorous.... type... t h e space t r u t h period.