An Essay on Religion: My thoughts...


I don't like religion. I don't believe in it. I despise the way it governs society.

I mainly ponder the monotheistic religions.

People seem to need religion. Give them reason to live.

I have found there is no reason to live, not ultimatum declaring a universal meaning of life.

We are not special.

We were not created in his image.

We're not important

We don't have a soul.

When we die, we are gone.

All our thoughts are, are electrical impulses interpreted by the brain.

In our evolution we created sounds to communicate which evolved into a language.

We have an inner monolouge. A voice, our voice, that talks constantly in our head.

We are conscious... aware.. analyzing

That voice inside our mind is meerly our brain translating electric impulses into a mental voice.

It makes something unfamiliar to our awareness, electric impulses, into something we consciously understand, our language.

This gave birth to our belief that we are special, we have a soul.. or something.

Humans needed a way to cope with the death of people they loved. They want to believe we will see our loved ones again sometime. We won't.

We gave ourselves false hope so that we could continue living without severe depression crippling our ability to consider continuing our existince