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The Herbal Garden

I have compiled a lengthy list of herbs and their uses (both medicinal and spiritual) here. However, I will throw a word of CAUTION to any who read this page. Do not use any form of herb in absence of seeing a practicing physician. I recomend that you always consult a physician/nutricianist before starting any herbal treatment. Herbs are all natural, that does not mean they can not be dangerous!! They may react poorly with a medicine that you may already be taking, or you may simply use the herb in the wrong way (some may not be ingested, others may) seak professional help before using herbs as medicinal treatments, if for no other reason than you want to absolutely sure you are doing it correctly.

Name of Herb Medicinal Uses Spiritual Uses
Agrimony used to treat jaundice and other liver ailments, ulcers, and diarrhea used in protection spells and to banish negative energies
Acacia N/A Increases power of spells; protection, purification, anointing, peace, prosperity, love
Alfalfa eliminates retained water, urinary & bowel problems, anemia, fatigue, stomach ulcers, & general health property protection spells
Allspice toothaches and used as mouthwash healing, good fortune
Aloe Vera gel is used to treat burns, rashes, and insect bites protection from negativity
Amaranth flu, diarrhea, {NOT TO BE USED BY PREGNANT WOMAN} Associated with immortality (used with symbols of the gods and goddesses), also with invisibility (when worn on head), used to speed the healing process of a broken heart
Angelica colic, heartburn, indigestion, circulation (esp. to pelvic region), used to bring on menses. {NOT TO BE USED BY PREGNANT WOMAN} protection, break a hex, curse, etc…
Anise colic, gas, indigestion (mild herb for these problems) used to ward off nightmares
Apple treat constipation, lower cholesterol love and healing spells
Ash N/A Healing, love, prophetic dreams, prosperity, protection
Aspen N/A helps in past life regression and recall
Basil Stomach cramps, flu, cold, fever, menstrual cramps Protection from negativity, hex-breaking, love (attracting and keeping it), fidelity, purification, exorcism
Bay N/A Clairvoyance, divination, endings, exorcism, hex-breaking, healing, prophetic dreams, psychic, prosperity
Beebalm N/A Astral projection, banishment, protection, exorcism, spell (hex)breaking, wisdom

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