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Taras was such a cute tyke.

Welcome to Taras Lendzyk' life in pictures. This is Taras in 1977. Look Ma no upper teeth!! At 5 years of age in Kindergarten. Isn't he cute!!

Taras and Molson

Taras and Molson his puppy in 1995. Isn't he cute? Taras often talked about getting a snake as a pet, but he settled for a Siberian Husky named "Molson". Does the pet's name have anything to do with the Canadian beer called Molson?


More of Taras in pictures!!! This is Taras and his Mom, Jean and his Dad, Harry in 1997, two of his dedicated fans, in Charleston, SC Taras led the team to the ECHL Championship. We are glad we had you for awhile. You will be sorely missed. Good Luck whatever you do.

One great Hockey Player.

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