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Merry Meet, bright and beautiful spirits!

If you're looking for a few good books, here are some that I have read, and enjoyed:

My Favorite Web Sites

Looking for your spirit guide? How about some information on paganism? This is the site to visit.
interesting fact about wicca, and lesson info.
very informitive site on withcraft, and regional events

Hi there! Welcome to my little spot in cyber space. A little about myself: I am 32, married, and have 2 dogs that beleive they are more human than I am :-) I have been a pagan for several years now, but thinking back to my childhood, I realize that I had "pagan tendancies" way back then. I always felt more comfortable outside, in the woods, and I knew even when I was a little girl that the trees, flowers, and everything else in nature, had a spirit. Some people thing that's crazy, and that's ok, I'm not out to influence anyone's way of thinking, just to point out the posibilities of things that science can't explain away. I hope you enjoy my little page, and visit my links. Be sure to scroll down the page and visit my chat room, you never know who might be in there . Sign My Guestbook Get your own FREE Guestbook from htmlGEAR View My Guestbook Love and Light... Starshine [an error occurred while processing this directive]