my friends..

I don't know why I have this page up here, cause no one really gives two shits about who i am friends with except my friends who will look up here to see if they are up here, and if they are, what I said about their dumb ass.... but here we go:
Rebecca has to be one of my bestest friends, partly due to the fact that she puts up with my shit... and that in itself is amazing. But anyways.... she is super wonderful, a great drunk, but a bitch with an attitude if you dare to bother her... trust me, i know things...

Salina is a bastard... I love her to death, but i never ever get to see her dumb ass when she isn't at work, so I have to stalk the aisles of Food Lion when I need to talk to her... but her baby boy, Skylor, just turned three... so yay!

Amy B.--
a pain in my ass... haha... i love her, you probably hate her, but hey.... she can't help but be who she is... a selfish shellfish...

Amy A.--
my role model... but she is really cool and had her first baby girl (and first baby ever) a few months ago.. so kudos..

Kristy C.--
I love Kristy... even though she is better at bowling than me... which, of course, isn't sayin' much... but still... and she is a great concert partner... she is one of the only ones that knows the cardinal rule about goin' to concerts... (after it is over, meet by the entrance... NOT THE CAR) ..

Kristy is my sister, who is much smarter, prettier, and 2 1/2 years older. She is my Dear Abby whom I always whine to.. she is the perfect older sister, and not to mention the perfect daughter to good ole mom and dad... !