my favorites

This section is stupid, i jus' made it to waste time and all.. and since most of you all probably could care less for me.. skip this section.. it's way corny..

fave color-- red.. duh..

fave movies-- American History X, all CKY movies (Haggard included), Fight Club, Requiem for a Dream.. etc.. etc.. etc..

fave brands-- I love Steve Madden shoes, but what I wouldn't give for Manolo Blahniks... I love Candies jeans cause they make me look like I have a butt... and i like a lot of other stuff... too much to name... i think my style is pretty basic... oh... but my favorite thing is .......... BIG HOOPS! gotta have the big hoops in the ears...

fave bands-- Glassjaw, Poison the Well, Deftones, Otep, Hatebreed, Chimaria, and because you HAVE to support your local music.. Symetrik Society, Faultline, and Each Passing Moment... go to those shows... PLEASE

fave celebrities-- BAM and Raab Himself (Chris Raab), and I like pretty much everyone ... except J. Lo... i'm so over her..

others will come to mind lata..