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Friday August 25th, 2000
Tobacco Roadhouse, Durham NC
Saltwater Redneck beat Matt the Conceited Kid (w/ Brandi Richardson)
Poison Ivey beat Krash
Jacey North beat Loki
Jacey North beat Duke Richards
Mervin Snead beat Jacey North
Southside Playas beat Mervin Snead & Dewey Cheatum
Scab (w/ Count Grog) beat Lazarus
Juice beat Kross (w/ Count Grog)
Big Slam beat The Intruder # 4
Cham Pain beat William Wealth
Stratus & Aldo De Gama beat Bo & Jack Dupp via Dq

Friday April 21st, 2000
Kings, Raleigh NC
Tournament for $5000 and a shot at Scab
Round 1
Aldo De Gama d. Will Powers
Stratus (w/ Delicious Dave) d. 2DamBadd
Chrome d. Mean Marc Ash
Kross (w/ Lilly Padd) d. Q-Sic
Not in Tourny....
Rick Link d. Nite-Stic Eddie Brown
Round 2 of Tourny
Kross (w/ Lilly Padd) vs. Aldo De Gama ended in a double DQ
Chrome d. Stratus (w/ Delicious Dave) (Chrome wins $5000)
Not in Tourny....
Big Slam and King d. Dewey Cheatum and Flex Phenom
Scab (w/ Count Grog) d. Chrome

Thursday March 30th, 2000
Kings, Raleigh NC
Kross d. Stratus
Chrome (Juice) d. Flex Phenom
Big Slam and Dewey Cheatum d. Aldo De Gama and Dartangan (w/ Al Getz) (King Returned)
Saltwater Redneck d. Duke Richards
Poisen Ivey (w/ Al Getz) d. Uncle Tom Kettle (Poisen wins BK Title)
Foxy Lady d. Riptide
Scab d. Natrone Steele

Saturday March 11th, 2000
Clover Middle School, Clover SC
Mike Draven d. Danny DeLucci
Uncle Tom Kettle d. Beau James
Big Slam d. KC Thunder
Juice d. Boris Dragoff
Major Debeers d. Rick Link

Thursday February 24th, 2000
Kings, Raleigh NC
Kross d. Aldo De Gama
Big Slam and Dewey Cheatum d. Dartangan and Flex Phenom
High Octane d. Stratus
Poisen Ivey (w/ Al Getz) d. Juice and Marc Ash (3-Way)
Scab d. Toad and Chilly Willy (Scab wins SCW Heavyweight Title)
Rick Link and Manny Fernandez vs. Natrone Steele and Major Debeers was a no contest.

Saturday January 15th, 2000
National Gaurd Armory, Butner NC
Chilly Willy won a 30 man battle royal
Kross d. Duke Richards
Marc Ash d. High Octane
Boris Dragoff d. Danny Galucci
Dartagan d. Chris Jacobs
Eddie Golden and KC Thunder (w/ Count Grog) d. Aldo De Gama and Natrone Steele
Stratus and Preston Quinn d. Too Damm Badd and Nitestic Eddie Brown
Uncle Tom Kettle d. Beau James
Big Slam and Dewey Cheatum d. Krash and Salt Water Redneck
Major Debeers d. Rick Link (w/ Count Grog)
Chilly Willy d. Toad (Chilly Willy wins SCW heavyweight title)

Thursday January 13th, 2000
Shooters II, Durham NC
Saltwater Redneck d. Skeeter
Krash d. Shank
Eddie Golden d. Aldo De Gama
Scab d. Stratus
Chilly Willy d. High Octane
Natrone Steele and Rick Link went to double DQ

Thank you to Count Grog for the January 15th Butner results. (Due to previous plans we could not make it to the show)