a pretty page.

hello there. it is 8:02 on Wednesday July 18th, 2001. i am making this page, and seeing how long it takes you, Sommer, to find it. i am fairly confident that no one else ever looks at our webpage, as we no longer promote it in chatrooms. i am having fun making this page, and hope you enjoy looking at it. you'll probably see this a long time from now, since youre out of town, and when you get back, there's no telling when your computer will be hooked up. it may be hooked up now, i dont know. you know what? i could say anything i wanted to here, because no one but you would ever see it. ha! no one ever comes to our site anymore. how sad:(. that smiley looks silly with a period after it. i am downloading voices carry by til' tuesday right now. that is a silly song. out of the 522 hits our site has had, i wonder how many have been from us. probably at least 150. how sad. -Kristen


i can put a pic of axl in here and you cant stop me. Is saving pics from another site and putting them on ours legal? hey, no one ever comes here anyways.

lookie here at the hottness

i WAS gonna put a pic of jim morrison in this spot and a pic of sebastian bach (the skid row one, not johann) in the next one, but it would take too long to upload those pics, so ill make this a completely axl page just for YOU, sommer, because i know how much you love him.

awww look at his nose!

i like this one bunches, how about you? hey, just in case you were planning to, you cant use the "he's old and fat now" thing, because he is NOT fat, and he is only like 4 years older than kurt. if kurt was still alive, he could be old and fat, ya know. oh, by the way, did you play my game? its the best. i tried to put it on its own page, but i couldnt get it to work on any page but the first one. hmmm. you can try it if you want. the page i made for it is called page. theres no number.