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Mission Statement: To collect detailed, verifiable genealogical and historical information concerning or relating to the PATTERSON surname


Presently there are at least two ways everyone can help the Patterson Resource Center acquire more records for posting on this site. One is by clicking the above links and signing up for a FREE family website or chane to win at FreeLotto. You only have to sign up, you don't have to use it if you don't want to. The Patterson Resource Center will receive $2.00 for every person signing up for that service. The money, as always, will be used to purchase more records and those records will be made available to everyone. For example, we need census records almost every state in the Union and, to be blunt, I can't afford to purchase everything we need. The ony way I know to acquire the records we need is for each of you to either donate them or contribute to the cost of buying them. To date, no one has contributed any records or made any financial contributions at all. Several have contributed information and I extend my deepest thanks to you.

If you decide to contribute please send a check or money order to Fred Patterson, 5039 Century Drive, Kannapolis, NC 28081.

I honestly wish that everyone will at least give some thought to making a contribution to the Center. We are in need of Census Records, Military Records, etc. If all team together, we can solve this puzzle of the Pattersons', once and for all. Alone it is, at the very least, a difficult, if not impossible task.

Thanks to everyone for reading this.

Fred Patterson

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