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Welcome to the National Society Of Black Engineers At North Carolina Central University.  Members please check back frequently for announcements.  Thanks for coming!

"No bird soars too high if he soars with his own wings"






I just want to thank everyone for all of the support. I really appreciate all of the comments about the site. I am constantly improving this site, but this week it's gonna be really hard. I have finals! If you have any information you want on the site, drop me a line. My e-mail is on the bottom. Oh yeah, I almost forgot...GOOD LUCK ON FINALS!!!  

Tobias Rose(NCCU Telecom) 



  • If you would like to attend the end of the year social sponsored by NC State's chapter, please contact Christopher Fountain by this Wednesday at

  • All Executive Board Members should be posting on the Yahoo message board. We have many projects going on that members should be aware of. E-board members can also post information here. Just contact Tobias Rose at 

  • All executive board members need to remember to turn in their reports by December 15th 

  • EB Members, remember to contact your regional counterpart.

  • Everyone needs to make arrangements for the payment of their membership dues.

  • All members need to be involved in some activity. If you need to find one contact your programs chair Terrance Reeves at

  • We are in great need for MONEY. If you have any ideas for fund raising please contact Cheri Fennel at or Monique Glenn at

     EB MEETING: Tuesday 1/9/2001 9:00pm

   NEXT General Body MEETING: Tuesday 1/16/2001 9:00pm



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