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William F. Campbell & Melinda Myers Campbell

Parents of Amanda Almeadia Campbell who married Joseph Holton Younger, Jr.

For a photo of Amanda Campbell and her husband:

Younger Page

For letters from William F. Campbell (son of William F. pictured above) to sister Amanda Campbell Younger, click below:

Dated 1892

Dated 1894

Dated 1895

Dated 1899

Dated 1902

Sinie, sister to Amanda and William, Jr., wrote to Amanda from Newton, NC in 1888. She used letterhead from Hickory Roller Flouring Mills. This is most likely the place where the above picture was taken.

I have attempted to transcribe the letter as closely as I can to how it's actually written. I have underlined misspelled words and filled in where the paper is torn by noting with brackets. I have added punctuation for ease of reading.

August 12, 1888
Dear Sister [and]
brother. i take pleas[ure]
to drop you a few
lines to let you know
that we are all well
at this time. hopeing
to find you all the
same. We got your letter
and was glad to hear from you
We was so sorry to hear that
the babie was dead. We
have not been working
in the cotton mills in
two weeks past but we
have gone to worklast
week. the mills was
stopped putting in new
machinery. the mills is
now alighted with
electrict lights.
Ann has been down to
Buriller['s]. thay sent for
her to come and stay
with them a while and
she went and stayed
about three months and
went up to fater and
stayed all night one
night. She said tell
you she would have come
to see you all but it
was so far she could
not get there. She left
them all well. Sarah
has got another fine son
if nothing happens
Sarah and Burier [may]
come up to Newton
in September and Ma
says she is going home
with them and coming
to see you all. no more
news at this time so i
must close. write soon
Sinie Campbell

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