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Walking the Talk

How Difficult Can It Be?

"A Soul can find it quite difficult to walk the Path of Light through the course of an incar-
nation. It may find that learning to live within the Light is a difficult sojourn. Through the
choices that it makes while it is incarnate upon the earth ... the choice of anger instead of
forgiveness, for example, or condemnation instead of understanding, a soul accumulates
negative karma. Even as the soul leaves its body, it remains enveloped with the quality
of Light that it acquired through the choices that it made while existing upon the Earth.
When the soul creates another personality, it will need to create a personality that is
drawn from this well of karma. Thus, it will create a personality of more limitations.

A personality with limitations of consciousness will find what we refer to as 'evil' more
attractive than will one with a more expanded awareness. The temptation to walk that
way will be strong for such a personality. All souls are tempted, however an individual
with limitations of consciousness will find it more attractive to walk into the magnetic
field of fear because it would not recognize fear for what it really is. It would accept
it as something else, as something that is normal to Life.

How we understand and perceive 'evil' therefore, is very significant. 'Evil' needs to be
understood for what it is: The dynamic of the absence of Light. It is not something that
one should prepare to battle, to run from or to outlaw. Understanding 'evil' as the
absence of Light automatically requires that we reach for this thing called Light."
~ G. Zukav


Reincarnation in the Bible
Most references to reincarnation in the Bible were removed by Emperor Justinian
and his Emperess Therodora, but they missed more than a few references.

Karma and Reincarnation
What, exactly, is the doctrine of karma, and why should we believe it? The study
is somewhat lengthy, so the author has broken it into small topics which can be
read individually.

SpiritWeb: Reincarnation & Karma
"Reincarnation cannot be discussed sensibly without talking about the Laws of
Karma. Karma is nothing other than the Universal law of cause and effect. It is
a law that is embedded in this Universe ..."

The Question of Reincarnation
Taken from the site: "What kind of God would say: 'If you make an error,
too bad; suffer with it for the rest of eternity?' That would be a cruel and
mindless God. But God says quite the opposite: 'I know you make errors,
and I shall give you every opportunity to correct them and become a better
soul, and someday we shall become one."

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