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For a Sunday Afternoon...


We come into the world alone,
we go away the same.
We're meant to spend the interlude
between in closeness,
or so we tell ourselves,
but it's a long way from morning to the evening.

You've but to push your fist
through the mist and haze to penetrate the clouds.
Easier for the dreamer, harder for dreamless.
The man who's dead to dreaming
lives within a cloud of his own making
and so his chance of entering the
stratosphere is scant. I close my eyes
to dreaming, only long enough to dream.

Had you listened hard enough you
might have heard what I meant to say ...
in Nothing.


How can i say something new about being alone?
Tell someone you're a loner and right away, they think you're lonely.

It's not the same thing you know. It's not wanting to put all your marbles in one pocket.
It's caring enough not to care too much, but mostly it's letting yourself come first for a while.


I celebrate you ...
but more than you, I celebrate a God that would give to me your friendship,
and ask nothing in return.
This "God" will see a better man,
one with more compassion,
one with a clearer view,
because this God let me stumble onto you.

I Believe

How do I know there is a God? I guess I never really thought about how I “know”… I have always believed… believed in God, believed in that Higher Power, the maker of heaven and earth… for life is like nothing that could be created by man or by chance.
I guess I have some doubts about how it all began, comparing Bible and science, but the truth is ... regardless of our beginnings, I know there is a God.
I feel him in my heart and my life, and I can look back on times when God made his presence known.

Man has said before, “I wish I could see God. I wish I could feel him…his hand on my shoulder.” The funny thing is, God is with me every day of my life… He touches every moment of my day. I just need to be wise enough to recognize it, to “feel” it and to believe.

What You Are...

You are Perfection, in that every day in every way you are creating perfection.

Your are Understanding, in that every day in every way you know God more, you understand God and the Universe, more.

You are a loving Light.

Your are without blemish.

You are faith, hope and charity.

Even if not known to you, You are a surrendered ego.

You are a Search, a search for something good in every thing and everyone.

You are a Body of recreated, divine, rejuvenated, youthful cells and perfect health each and every moment.

You are Worthiness ... of, and it is your birthright to create and occupy an appropriate, youthful body with which to dwell peacefully on a garden planet.

You are the healed, and You are the healer.

You are Peace.