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It is not possible to understand your soul, your spirit, or your higher self or your intuition without coming to terms with the existence of nonphysical reality.
Knowing, in the cognitive sense, cannot produce proof of nonphysical reality any more than it can produce proof of God. Proof of nonphysical reality does not exist in the dimension that the rational seeks it. Therefore, when you ask from the perspective of the five-sensory, human personality,
"Does nonphysical reality exist?" what you're really asking is, "If I can't prove the existence of nonphysical reality, do I decide that it is nonsensical? Do I decide that there is no answer, or do I expand myself to the level at which the answer can be given?"

When our mind asks a question that suggests a different level of truth, no matter what the question, expansion has always been the way of the scientist, the pursuer of truth. At one time in our evolution, for example, the question was asked, "Are there forms of life that are smaller than the eye can see?" From the human perception, the answer was, "No." Yet, someone did not accept that answer, and the microscope was invented. Then the question, "Do parts of nature exist that are smaller than what can be seen through a microscope?" was asked, and again, from the normal human perspective the answer was, "No," but we did not stop, and instead discovered the atom, and developed a rich understanding of atomic and subatomic phenomena.

As we created the tools to see, that which we once knew as nonexistent became existent, but we had to expand first. The challenge, and the task, for the advanced or expanding mind is to expand to a level at which questions that cannot be answered from within the accepted understanding of truth, can be answered.

What is Nonphysical Reality?

Nonphysical reality is your home. You came from nonphysical reality, you will return to nonphysical reality, and the larger part of your being currently resides in, and evolves in, nonphysical reality. Therefore, the majority of your interactions with other human beings occurs in nonphysical reality. For example, when you think loving, caring thoughts of someone who is close to you emotionally, such as a family member, you shift the quality of your consciousness, and this contributes to his or her energy system.
Emotions are currents of light with different frequencies. Emotions that we think of as negative, such as hatred, envy, disdain, jealously, and fear have a lower frequency, and less energy, than emotions that we think of as positive, such as affection, joy, love, and compassion. When you choose to replace a lower-frequency current of energy, such as anger, with a higher-frequency current of energy, such as forgiveness, you raise the frequency of your Light. When you choose to allow a higher-frequency of energy to run through your system, you experience more energy. When a person is feeling anxious, or generally unhappy, he or she feels physically depleted because he or she has merged with an energy current of low frequency. A person in this situation becomes heavy and dull, whereas a joyous person abounds with energy, and feels buoyant, because he or she is running a higher-frequency current of energy through his or her system.

Lower frequency systems pull energy from higher frequency systems. If you are unaware of your emotions and your thoughts, your frequency will be lowered by, and you will lose energy to, a system of lower frequency than your own. For example, we say that a depressed person is "draining," or that he or she "sucks up energy." A system of sufficiently high frequency will soothe, or calm, or refresh you because of the effect of the quality of its Light upon your system. Such a system or person is considered to be "radiant."

"Light" is the same as your consciousness, or your energy. When we do not understand something, we say that we need to "bring it to light." If we are confused, we say that we are "in the dark." If we suddenly understand an idea or concept, we say, "I see the light now." When a person is fully aware of his or her Consciousness, of his or her "Light," we say that he is "Enlightened."

When you finally release a negative thought, or emotion, or feeling, you literally release lower-frequency currents of energy from your system, and this, again, literally allows an increase in the amount of positive, higher-frequency energy, of "Light" into your system.

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