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July 15, 2000 xGrimx
LucasClub, is going to be closed. It'll open again when it gets bigger and better. I xGrimx started this group and sadly got it no where. I think the reasons why we weren't very big 1.) We never got a host. 2.) Are layout needed work. So that's exactly what I am going to do. I am going to get a host, and a very nice design. So untill then this site is closed. But to explore around, we have some intresting stuff on this site. Thanks everyone. Well be back very soon! Thanks again.

July 5, 2000 xGrimx
Sorry for the no updates, I am the only webmaster at this point. I was on vacation for a week. But no I am back, and expect updates, nearly everyday. We also have a new member to the LucasClub, Midas. Welcome!

June 22, 2000 xGrimx
One section in the downloads area has been added, the music section. There is only one section under the music. It is the Grim Fandango Music Setion. It is pretty big, and we will add more later on. We are currently working on the Monkey Island musical files. We are needing more members also, so if you are intrested contact us here. We have also mailed in a possible host for our site. We will reply on that soon hopefully. .

June 21, 2000 xGrimx
I have made a Yahoo Messanger skin based on Grim Fandango. You can take a look at it here. Note: This skin can only be used for Yahoo Messanger. I don't have it downloadable yet for you viewers, it'll be up in the next day or so. Sorry for wait. I'll be making a Monkey Island skin, if anyone is wanting one.

June 20, 2000 xGrimx
Well the site is starting to grow finally! First off the one that emailed first was DraxGoroth. We also want to welcome are newest member to the club, Bony. The more people we get the better. If your intrested in joining contact us here: Thanks for joining! One other note: People have asked, isn't it illegal to give these games for free? No, we buy these games from Lucas Arts ahead of time. So we are not sending illegal software to you, it is simpily software that we have purchased. I hope that awesners your questions.

June 18, 2000 xGrimx
We are starting are prizes, the next member to mail us on joining, will win a free copy of The Dig. All you have to do is email to join, and you could win a free copy of the Dig. What are you waiting for? Join here. That's all the news today.

June 16, 2000 xGrimx
Where are all the updates? Well I apologize, for not updating in quite some time, I have been out of town. LucasClub is very small right now, and to tell you the truth I am very dissapointed. I hope to have a new layout and a host sometime soon. I hope to be hosted by a site in the works, LucasAdventures. I apologize for the no update deal, but I have been busy. Do plan on more updates in the future. I strongly encourage you to join. Thank you, and there will be more updates from now on!

June 1, 2000 xGrimx
First Day is always a good day! Well we are accepting members anyone, why don't you join? You could win big prizes, like free software and other great things! So what are you waiting for? JOIN!

June 1, 2000 xGrimx
Welcome to the newest club for Lucas Arts. This will be one of the biggest groups for Lucas Arts, on the net! We are looking for members. So why don't you join? You can win prizes. This group will be funner and bigger then most groups, I promise. Well what are you waiting for join!

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