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Grim Fandango Music Section:
The following are Mp3's you will need a Mp3 player to listen to the music.

The Skyscraper Ledge
Rubacava Aut-O-Mat Exteriors
Talking to Velasco
The Land of the Living Restaurant
Glottis' Shop
The Festival from Far Away
Driving the Bone Wagon

Mechanic's Kitchen
Chowchilla Bye
Brennis Talk
Maximino's Office
Manny's Casino
The Skyscraper Roof
LSA Headquarters
Climbing the Rope
Domino's Office
Grim Fandango - EXT Dock NIGHT
Grim Fandango - EXT Docks NIGHT Fade
Grim Fandango - EXT The Calavera Cafe NIGHT
Grim Fandango - EXT Vista NIGHT
Grim Fandango - INT Betting Area NIGHT
Grim Fandango - INT Gondola Roundabout DAY
Grim Fandango - INT Temple Train Station DAY
Lighthouse Exteriors
Ingame Credits
Rusty Anchor

These files were givin by Grim Fandango Central. Thanks alot!

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