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About Club:
This is the newest group for Lucas Arts on the net, and will be the biggest. Anyone is able to join as long as they are f ans of Lucas Arts of course. We will hold the maximum of 100 agents, when we reach that point we will stop looking for new members. But if we don't recieve anything from a agent in three months there are no longer a member of the Lucas Club, reason we do this is there are other people wanting to join and help, so we must get rid of the ones we haven't heard from in three months.

Money is a key part of this group (no not real money) but you can earn Lucas Club money, and you can win awards on how much money you end up with. There are four different types of dollers $5, $10, $15, and $20. You can earn $5 for spotting any mistakes on this site, example: broken link, spelling error etc. To earn $10, is to give us an update on anything about Lucas Arts, example: evidence of like MI4 comming or something like that. To earn $15 you make a good not many error file, example, you could create a walk through for a Lucas Arts game, or tell us about a game that some of us don't have like Loom for example. To earn $20 is if you make a graphic for the club, a in joke, make a wav file, midi file etc.

Does Lucas Club Host sites?
We plan on doing that in the future, but at the moment there is no plans to host sites.
Do you know were can I can download Lucas Arts games?
No! Downloading games on the internet is illegal, you may only download the demos for the games.
Where can I buy Lucas Arts games?
Easy question, go to the Official Lucas Arts Site and buy from them.



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