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Organization of the Third Army Corps
November 30, 1864

Army of Northern Virginia
General Robert E. Lee Commanding

Third Army Corps
Lt. Gen. A.P. Hill Commanding

Mahone's Division
Maj. Gen. William Mahone

Col. Wm. Sander's Brigade
8th Ala.
9th Ala.
10th Ala.
11th Ala.
14th Ala.

Brig. Gen. Weisiger's Brigade
6th Va.
12th Va.
16th Va.
41st Va.
61st Va.

Brig. Gen Harris's Brigade
12th Miss.
16th Miss.
19th Miss.
48th Miss.

Brig. Gen. Sorrell's Brigade
3rd Ga.
22nd Ga.
48th Ga.
64th Ga.
2nd Ga.
10th Ga.

Brig. Gen. Finegan's Brigade
2nd Fla.
5th Fla.
8th Fla.
9th Fla.
10th Fla.
11th Fla.

Heth's Division
Maj. Gen. H. Heth

Brig. Gen. Davis' Brigade
2nd. Miss.
11th Miss.
26th Miss.
42nd Miss.
55th NC
1st Confed. Batt.

Brig. Gen. Cooke's Brigade
15th NC
27th NC
46th NC
48th NC

Brig. Gen. McRae's Brigade
11th NC
26th NC
  44th NC *
47th NC
52nd NC

Col. Archer's Brigade
13th Ala.
1st Tenn.
7th Tenn.
14th Tenn.

Walker's Brigade
40th Va.
47th Va.
55th Va.
2nd Md. Batt.

Wilcox's Division
Maj. Gen. C.M. Wilcox

Brig. Gen. Thomas' Brigade
14th Ga.
35th Ga.
45th Ga.
49th Ga.

Lane's Brigade
7th NC
18th NC
28th NC
33rd NC
37th NC

Brig. Gen. McGowan's Brigade
1st SC
12th SC
13th SC
14th SC
Orr's Rifles

Scale's Brigade
13th NC
16th NC
     22nd NC **
34th NC
38th NC

* Note: 44th NC - Pvt. William Tate Crawford, Great Grandfather of John Taylor
** Note: 22nd NC - Pvt. James Franklin Freeman, Great Great Grandfather of John Taylor

"Memoirs of Robert E. Lee"
The Blue and Grey Press
By  A. L. Long
Appendix pp. 663-666

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