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Margaret Conklin Crawford
Born 1848 - Orange County, NC
Date and Place of Death Unknown

Margaret was born to Abner Conklin and his wife Margaret (or Peggy). They lived in Oaks,
a small town in Bingham Township in the southwest corner of Orange County, North Carolina.
The town was at the present location of the intersection of Hwy. 54 and Mebane Oaks Rd. The
only existing structure of the period is the restored Bingham School. Living nearby was the
family of James and Nancy Crawford.

Abner made a living as a farmer, and later as a mail carrier, while his wife kept house. As has
been stated earlier, Cave M. and John were brothers of Margaret. Additional members of the
household are documented on the attached two census reports: 1860 and 1870. (click on either
to view). These reports contain most of the information available to me at this time regarding
the Conklins. I am unable to definitely identify the others listed, but I can only assume that
Margaret had a number of siblings.

Margaret married William Tate Crawford on August 26, 1866, my great grandfather, and son of
James and Nancy Crawford. Afterwards, the couple resided in Hillsboro, NC, and had four children,
one being my grandfather, Gordon Bingham Crawford. Some years later, Margaret and William
seperated, and her whereabouts after that time are unknown.

John W. Taylor
Greensboro, North Carolina




On July 2, 2002, It was my pleasure to receive an email from Dave Parker, who also is a
descendent of Abner and Margaret Conklin. Dave has provided some useful information
related to the Conklin family, and has graciously given me permission to include a copy of
his email to assist in any future research of the family. If you need to contact Dave, he can
be reached at Dave resides in Union County, NC. I can also
provide interested parties with Dave's home address and phone number if necessary.
Email is as follows:

I read with interest your account on the 44th and received quite a surprise at the end. Your Ancestor    married Margaret Conklin who is one of my ancestors. You may know this now, but Crawford actually fought with her three brothers. William was the oldest son according to the 1850 Census. He fought in Co. K where he reportedly deserted on March 28, 1863. According to the 1850 Census Abner(45) and Margaret(40) had William(18), John(16), Alfred(14), Catharine(10), Cave (6), Abner(4) and finally Margaret(2). I believe that I descended from John. My Grandmother Anna Pauline Conklin Married Fred Parker. Her father's name was Julian Monroe Conklin. If John is indeed my ggg grandfather, then I would have two ggg grandfathers who were at Point Lookout Prison during the war. My other ancestor, John Alvis Parker was in the 56th NC and was captured at Five Forks in April, 1865.
Thanks for the summary on the 44th. It was well done.

Dave Parker"


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