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kd4nfs, WQJY275


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Real Hams, do it QRP! 72's


Welcome to my web page.

Please take time to surf around.

I hope you'll find many things of interest.

I do alot of traveling, and I'll be adding different things, from time to time.

So please check back often!

If you would like to see something added, or have a comment, please feel free to, E-mail me! and I'll be in touch!

I monitor, 444.450 in the Ft. Myers, Florida area. And 147.375, when I'm in Covington Virginia. On HF you can find me around 7251.0 LSB, or 3950.0 and 3947.0 LSB. I spend the summers in Covington, and the winters in the North Fort Myers area.

73's and good DX hunting!

The photos, are from the Time Square area, at Fort Myers Beach

Lee County Florida Emergency Operations Center

Fort Myers Amateur Radio Club

Correct time, from WWV


National Space Info Center

Copper Electronics

Florida Amateur Radio Repeater Listing

Amateur Radio Relay League


DSTAR info

A great remailing service for DX peds, boaters, and RV's

US Radar picture

Spartanburg Amateur Radio Club, Spartanburg, South Carolina

Virginia Beach Amateur Radio Club

Repeater Directory

Remote control of an ICOM 1000

A general listing of C/Ku satellites and programing

NOAA Tropical Events

Very good list for WEFAX stations

W4NMH's Web page


Personal Radio Steering Group

Southern Tennessee Amateur Radio Society(STARS)

A world of information The DX Zone

Oak Ridge Amateur Radio Club

Tucson Packet Radio Corp

ARPS Station Positions

APRS Datebase

Bald Eagle Repeater Assoc. Williamsport Pa

National Climate Data Site

Packet Radio info location finder

VHF/UHF Scanner Search Ranges

Freq listing by color dot

AO27 Schedule and Operations

Air Force Radio Freqs.

Navy Radio Freqs.

Shuttle Audio Freqs

J-Track satellite tracking program

How to become a new ham

W5YI Super site

Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service

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get this gear!

In God we trust, all others, we monitor.

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Michael L. VanDevender


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Fort Myers, Florida

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