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Guiding Light Original Music

Guiding Light uses a lot of beautiful background music to accompany the drama on the show. Each couple has a theme, certain plotlines get their own dramatic music, and occasionally, GL has segments that use an original song.

This page gives you snippets of the best music on GL. You will find the original songs, and the themes that run throughout the show. All artists are unknown.

Note: It is sometimes very difficult to get pieces of the music without the characters talking over it. We do our best, and we ask for your patience. If you have any snippets that you would like to share, or any suggestions, please e-mail Thank you!

Note July 12, 2001: We have noticed that our MP3's for this section are pretty much not working or unavailable to you. We are working on the problem, and we will let you know when things are working again. Thank you.

Listen Length Format Date Clip Description Lyrics
2:07 mp3 January 2001 The Beth & Edmund Waltz None
3:23 mp3 June 2000 Where There Is Hope See Lyrics
3:56 mp3 June 1998 Tell Me The Hard Way See Lyrics
0:15 mp3 Current Guiding Light Title Song None
0:10 mp3 Current Guiding Light Theme: Part 2 None
0:10 mp3 Current GL End Credits (Short Version) None