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Welcome to the Multimedia Department!
Most Recently Added...

July 11, 2001
  • Bauer Barbeque 2001 Songs!
  • Again
  • All For You
  • Lady Marmalade
  • Love Don't Cost A Thing
  • Irresistable
  • If you recognized any other songs being played at the Bauer BBQ, let us know!

June 6, 2001
  • I Hope You Dance
  • Breathe
  • Don't Wanna Lose You Now
  • God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You
  • If I'm Not In Love

June 5, 2001
  • The Answer To Our Life
  • By Your Side
  • More Than That
  • That's When I'll Stop Loving You
  • This Is Me

  • NOTE: some songs are missing, we will do our best to get them back, but it will take us some time.
  • You can no longer get entire MP3s on our site. We only have clips available to you, so that you can preview the song. Clips are 30-40 seconds long.
  • PARADISE: Someone requested this song, and I don't know which artist they meant. I know of about four 'Paradise' songs. If you are that person, please fill out the longer form, or contact Thank you.

April 28, 2001
  • All Or Nothing (Cher)
  • God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You (*NSync)
  • I Turn To You (Christina Aguilera)
  • Love Is On The Way (Celine Dion)

Guiding Light Songs Index

This is an index of our favorite songs and songs that we think fit Guiding Light. Also, any songs used on the show we will try to get a hold of so you can hear them, and find out the artist. Each song has lyrics, the source where we got the lyrics, and a brief dedication to someone on Guiding Light. So start clicking!

Newly added songs will be posted in this area. Please feel free to contact us about anything! A Problems & Suggestion Form can be found here.

And thank you for coming to ITN Multimedia!!