S.O.S. Titanic* David Janssen 51 2:20
So Long Mr. Chumps* Three Stooges H66 0:17
Sock-A-Bye Baby* Three Stooges H66 0:18
Sodom And Gomorrah*
April 2010
Stewart Granger G17 2:35
Soggy Bottom USA*
May 2001
May 2018
Ben Johnson F25 1:36
Solar Crisis* Steve Kelso I27 1:40
Soldier's Sweetheart* Kiefer Sutherland N95 1:51
Sole Survivor* William Shatner M92 1:34
Solly's Diner*
November 1994
October 2004
Ruth Silviera A05 0:11
Some Kind Of Nut* Dick Van Dyke K21 1:30
Some Kind Of Wonderfu*l Eric Stolz M74 1:35
Some More Of Samoa* Three Stooges R17 0:17
Someone Else Is Taking My Place*
May 2018
Ozzie Nelson T83 0:03
Something In Red*
June 2001
July 2018
Lorrie Morgan F43 0:18
Son-In-Law* Carla Gugino I68 1:36
Son Of Football Follies* A23 0:23
(The) Son Of Monte Cristo*
January 2009
George Sanders T19 1:42
Son Of Not-So-Great Moments In Sports* A11 1:00
Song Of Songs* George Segal D47 0:34
(The) Sons Of Katie Elder* John Wayne I16 2:01
Sons Of The Desert* Laurel & Hardy J51 1:05
Sorcerer* Roy Scheider N14 2:01
Sorry Wrong Number* Barbara Stanwyck J98 1:29
May 2018
--- U17 1:28