Rhythm And Weep* Three Stooges J84 0:18
Rhythm Of The Day* Clark Gable D25 0:10
Richard Petty The Legend Volume 1*
January 2009
Richard Petty T23 1:07
Richard Petty The Legend Volume 2*
January 2009
Richard Petty T24 1:07
Ride 'Em Cowboy* Abbott & Costello 18 1:04
Rider's Radio Theater: (The) Christmas Story* Riders In The Sky L30 0:44
Rider's Radio Theater: (The) Television Show* Riders In The Sky F82 0:47
(The) Right To Remain Silent* Lea Thompson L47 1:37
Rio Rita*
April 1994
May 2001
March 2018
Abbott & Costello E86 1:30
Rip, Sew, And Stitch* Three Stooges F37 0:16
River Of Death* Michael Dudikoff G95 1:41
River Of No Return* Robert Mitchum J24 1:31
Riverdance* L64 1:08
Rivers Of Joy*
May 2018
Bill & Gloria Gaither U02 1:34