Pacific Heights* Melanie Griffin Q16 1:43
(The) Pack* Joe Don Baker I17 1:39
Pack Up Your Troubles* Laurel & Hardy I69 1:08
(A) Pain In The Pullman*
April 2010
Three Stooges G12 0:15
Pajama Party* Tommy Kirk A92 1:20
(The) Paleface* Bob Hope B81 1:31
Palmy Days* Eddie Cantor J67 1:17
Pals And Gals* Three Stooges I11 0:13
Pandemonium* Tom Smothers A16 1:17
Pantanal* Nature I84 0:56
Parachute Battalion* Robert Preston G03 1:15
Paradise Road*
April 1995
October 1998
July 2004
April 2007
Glenn Close A35 1:58
Paramedics* Christopher McDonald A16 1:17
Pardon My Backfire* Three Stooges I03 0:12
Pardon My Pups* Shirley Temple N55 0:18
Pardon My Sarong* Abbott & Costello C22 1:08
Pardon My Scotch* Three Stooges K53 0:14
Pardon Us* Laurel & Hardy E96 1:05
Parents Of The Wild* Nature 21 0:47
Party Fever*
January 2005
Little Rascals R71 10:00
Pass The Gravy* Max Davidson D62 0:29
(The) Passionate Plumber* Buster Keaton C31 1:12
Pathfinder* Kevin Dillion M24 1:45
(The) Patriot* Gregg Henry I03 1:29
Patriot Games* Harrison Ford N92 1:57
Paul Bunyon* Animated P70 0:16
Paulie Jay Mohr P40 1:31