Mud And Sand* Stan Laurel T12 0:26
Mulholland Drive* Nick Nolti L07 1:47
Mummy's Dummies*
February 1996
July 2001
September 2018
Three Stooges F69 0:15
Munchie* Lonnie Anderson K57 1:20
Munster, Go Home!* Fred Gwynne A78 1:32
Munster's Revenge* Fred Gwynne O52 1:35
Muppett Treasure Island* Tim Curry Q27 1:39
Murder, He Said* Fred MacMurray H08 1:35
Murphy's War* Peter O'Toole G26 1:35
Mushroom* Harry Gribbon C72 0:21
(The) Music Box* Laurel & Hardy H84 0:28
Music To Our Ears* Canadian Brass C42 0:47
Musical Jubilee* Rudy Valli J78 0:11
Musty Muskateers* Three Stooges I78 0:15
(The) Mutations* Donald Pleasence F87 1:29