It Ain't Hay*
August 1994
January 1999
February 2007
Abbott & Costello 54 1:08
It Came From Beneath The Sea* Kenneth Tobey E93 1:19
It Came From Outer Space* Richard Carlson B59 1:16
It Came From Outer Space 2* Brian Kerwin B60, Q76 1:28
It Happened At The World's Fair* Elvis Presley B31 1:37
It Runs In The Family* Charles Grodin L38 1:26
It Shouldn't Happen To A Dog* Carol Landia F20 1:07
It! The Terror From Beyond Space* Marshall Thompson F29 1:09
It Was A Short Summer, Charlie Brown* Animated B69 0:27
Italian Rockers* B83 0:02
It's A Great Life*
January 1996
July 1996
August 2001
May 2010
Penny Singleton G07 1:07
It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World* Spencer Tracey N28 2:35
It's A Wonderful Life* James Stewart H91 2:10
It's Howdy Doody Time*
April 1994
April 2001
January 2018
Howdy Doody E66 1:13
It's Showtime*
August 1994
January 1999
January 2007
66 1:22
It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown* Animated B79 0:22