G.I. Blues* Elvis Presley 51 0:03
G.I. Wanna Go Home* Three Stooges A81 0:17
Giant Behemoth* Gene Evans H76 1:11
(The) Giant Claw*
May 1994
May 2001
March 2018
Jeff Morrow E90 1:13
Giant Squid* Nature G03 0:46
(A) Girl In Every Port* Grouch Marx H45 1:27
Girls Night Out* Julie Montgomery G33 1:37
Glad Rags To Riches* Shirley Temple D80 0:09
Gladiators Of Rome*
December 2010
Gordon Scott G80 1:30
Gleason: He's The Greatest* Jackie Gleason J03 0:21
(A) Glimpse Of Hell*
October 2004
James Caan R50 1:30
(The) Gnome-Mobile Walter Brennan A85 1:25