D.A.R.Y.L.* Mary Beth Hurt H60 1:40
D-Day The Sixth Of June* Robert Taylor B50 1:33
Dad, Can I Borrow The Car?* Animated B78 0:08
Dad For A Day* Little Rascals 70 0:11
Daffy Duck's Easter Eggcitement* Animated E92 0:23
Dale Earnhardt: A Celebration Of Life* --- P69 1:58
Damnation Alley* Jan-Michael Vincent L79 1:31
Dances With Wolves* Kevin Costner Q35 3:01
Danger Island*
December 2011
Gary Graham G62 1:30
(The) Dangerous* Robert Davis N18 1:32
Dangerous Encounters*
April 2010
Marty Stouffer G09 0:58
Dangerous Persuits* Ron David D52 0:45
Daniel O'Donnell Live From Branson Part 1*
August 2005
Daniel O'Donnell R94 2:00
Daniel O'Donnell Live From Branson Part 2*
August 2005
Daniel O'Donnell R95 0:25
Daniel O'Donnell Live From Branson Part 3*
August 2005
Daniel O'Donnell R96 1:09
Darby O'Gill And The Little People*
April 2010
Sean Connery G10 1:44
Dark Side Of The Moon* Will Bledsoe 87 1:33
Davey Crockett* Fess Parker A11 3:03
Day In Nature's Community* Nature D64 0:17
Day Of The Triffids* Howard Keel C47 1:35
(The) Day The Earth Stood Still*
April 1994
April 2001
January 2018
Michael Rennie E67 1:29
(The) Day Time Ended* Jim Davis D78 1:06
Daylight Robbery* Nature D72 0:22
Daylight Robbery 2* Nature D72 0:22
Days Of Thunder* Tom Cruise I67 1:33