(The) Black Hole* Maxmillian Schell D69 1:35
Black Venus* Josephine Jacquine Jones C07 1:29
Black Widow* Debra Winger F36 1:42
Blame It On The Bellboy* Dudley Moore I06 1:19
Blazing Saddles* Cleavon Little M72 1:33
Blind Date* Kim Basinger J58 1:35
December 1994
September 2000
August 2003
January 2007
February 2018
Laurel & Hardy E21 0:57
May 1996
September 2000
August 2003
February 2018
Penny Singleton 900 1:10
Blondie And Dagwood* Animated B79 0:22
Blondie Brings Up Baby* Penny Singleton B65 1:08
Blondie For Victory*
April 2010
Penny Singleton G12 1:11
Blondie Goes Latin* Penny Singleton K15 1:09
Blondie Goes To College* Penny Singleton A47 1:15
Blondie Has Servant Trouble* Penny Singleton I36 1:10
Blondie Hits The Jackpot* Penny Singleton E74 1:07
Blondie In Society* Penny Singleton K01 1:17
Blondie In The Dough* Penny Singleton H58 1:10
Blondie Knows Best* Penny Singleton E30 1:10
Blondie Meets The Boss* Penny Singleton K16 1:12
Blondie On A Budget* Penny Singleton 29 1:12
Blondie Plays Cupid
May 2007
Penny Singleton D92 1:08
Blondie Takes A Vacation Penny Singleton K13 1:10
Blondie's Anniversary Penny Singleton M95 1:07
Blondie's Big Deal Penny Singleton D12 1:07
Blondie's Big Moment Penny Singleton K49 1:10
Blondie's Blessed Event Penny Singleton K08 1:10
Blondie's Hero Penny Singleton K66 1:07
Blondie's Holiday
December 2010
Penny Singleton G76 1:08
Blondie's Lucky Day Penny Singleton E42 1:09
Blondie's Secret Penny Singleton K12 1:08
Blood Games Gregory Cummings D32 1:28
Blood Money James Brolin N71 1:33
Blood Run David Bradley L29 1:35
Blood Waters Of Dr. Z Wade Popwell A94 1:25
Bloopermania --- G57 0:41
Bloopers --- I92 0:45
Bloopers 2 Dick Clark P27 0:43
Bloopers: Two Guys, A Girl, And A Pizza Place Dick Clark Q22 0:35
Blotto Laurel & Hardy A17 0:26
(The) Blue And The Gray
January 1999
February 2007
Stacy Keach 61 6:00
(The) Blue-Eyed Horse Ernest Bourgnine N07 0:48
Blue Hawaii Elvis Presley F47 1:46
(The) Blue Lagoon Brooke Shields C32 1:46
Blue Thunder Roy Scheider F07 1:33
(The) Bluebird Shirley Temple D12 1:23