July 9, 2012

While I was driving tour bus and trucks I got to visit almost all of our great United States. When I was in the Navy I got to see many foreign countries - Spain, Italy, France, The Azores, Cuba, Jamaica, Purto Rice, The Virgin Islands, Bermuda. But one place I really wanted to go - but never got to visit - is the United Kingdom.

I once had a chance to go to England but that fell through. I was all set to go when four H-bombs were lost on Spain's Mediterranean coast in January of 1966. Two airplanes, one a bomber, collided and crashed. Three of the H-bombs the bomber was carrying fell on land, but one fell in the sea and was lost. All hands were called out and I was part of the search team of 33 US Navy ships and boats looking for the lost bomb. It took until April of that year to find it and by then my plans to go to England were scrapped and I never got to go.

As I am writing this my 12-year-old nephew, Gerrett, is in Ireland kissing the Blarney Stone. And I am very jealous.

He is part of this year's People To People Youth Ambassadors in Europe. President Dwight D. Eisenhower set up the program in 1956. If you want to learn more about this program you can visit the web site I set up for Gerrett by clicking here. He is visiting England, Wales, Ireland, and Scotland and I wish I were with him.

I tried to get them to allow me to go along but the lady said that at age 65, I was just a little too old to be a Youth Ambassador.