July 5, 2012

The following is a real conversation I had with myself yesterday. July 4th ... out loud.

Me: Andy Griffith died yesterday and he would want you to celebrate his life by eating a hot dog. Eat a Southern style hot dog. With chili. And cheese. And tater tots. And Southern iced tea.

Me: How dare you use my love for Andy Griffith against me like that?!

Me: Didnít our idol Andy Griffith say ď... itís very important to eat your last meal before it actually comes upÖ When you are actually going to have your last meal, youíll either be too sick to have it or you ainít gonna know itís your last meal and you could squander it on something like a tuna melt and that would be ironic. So itís important ... I feel itís important to have that last meal today, tomorrow, soon.Ē ?

Me: Yeah, I think he did. I miss him already.

Me: Eat that hot dog and honor him. And watch No Time For Seargents ... it's on TV today.

Me: Donít you also think he would want me to honor my commitment to myself to eat healthier and lose some weight? And I also think he would want me to look and feel really good in my new Sunday suit because he was practically my friend and friends always want that for you.

Me: Man, itís hard to decide how to honor him.

Me: Itís because he was so far beyond anything else that was good and funny and brilliant.

Me: Youíre right. He was.

Me: I should write in Caslte Bisset about this.

Me: I think Andy would like that.

I miss Andy Griffith already. And thatís no joke.