July 25, 2012

Did you ever think you'd see this in our lifetime? I didn't. I checked this out with Snopes and they did not have anything on it but I feel there is enough credence to pass it on.

A lady in Monte Vista, Colorado had this dollar bill. After dinner she took a $1 dollar bill out of her purse and displayed it on the table. Underneath the words "In God We Trust" someone had stamped the dollar bill in red ink - NO GOD BUT ALLAH. These are starting to show up around our country!

When asked where she had gotten this dollar bill. She said it was part of her change in Alamosa, Colorado. A picture was taken of her dollar bill. If anyone tries to give you one of these dollar bills as change, please refuse it and ask them to give you a dollar bill that has not been defaced.

Send this on to everyone you know, please. God bless our USA! And, He'd better bless it quickly before what we know and love is forever gone!